Hey gorgeous! Searching for fabulous hair extensions to elevate your style in Ghana? Get ready to spark major hair envy – I’m spilling all the deets on the hottest markets and suppliers to unlock serious glam.

From lush Remy bundles to trendy wigs, these prime destinations help you score salon-worthy locks without blowing the budget. We’ll dive into the 10 leading markets overflowing with quality human hair options and Hanossa Hair specialties. I’m even tossing in pro tips to tackle the terrain like a total pro!

Let’s start with key factors for selecting top-notch hair shopping grounds before launching our fab hair quest across Ghana…

Key Considerations for Top Hair Markets

Supreme Quality

Luxe hair begins with flawless quality to achieve showstopping style and longevity. Target sellers focused exclusively on Remy and virgin human hair with ethical origin tracing.

Hanossa Hair, my newest hair crush, sources supreme silky Vietnamese locks for seriously sleek bundles and wigs. Their trademark textures emulate salon-worthy luxury!

Killer Variety

A versatile hair stash empowers endless styling adventures! Beyond standard wefts, scope out markets with diverse colors, sexy lengths and lush textures for any vibe your sassy heart desires.

Hanossa Hair specializes in trend-setting colors like lavender gray ombré and vibrant red hues. Their collections also range from kinky curly to loose waves for versatile styling.

Budget Brilliance

Score celebrity styles without demolishing your budget! Ghana’s competitive hair markets keep hot looks attainable through discounted deals, bulk sales and loyalty perks.

As a leading Vietnamese manufacturer, Hanossa Hair manufactures super-affordable bundles, wigs and clip-ins to offer luxe hair on a real-world budget!

Solid Customer Service

Glowing hair starts with exceptional customer care! Markets with knowledgeable staffers provide specialized guidance to match solutions to your styling vision.

Hanossa Hair’s dedicated Ghanaian representatives offer personalized consultations to discover your dream hair solutions. Their aftercare tips set you up for long-lasting slayage!

Top 10 Markets for Buying Hair in Ghana

Ghana has many excellent markets where you can find all kinds of hair products. From long braids to short wigs, you’ll discover so much choice! Let’s explore the top places where you can shop for quality hair in Ghana.

1. Makola Market in Accra

Makola Market should be your first stop. This huge market has entire sections just for hair! Walk through the organized aisles and you’ll see wigs, weaves, braids, and accessories for sale. There are options from many countries, in all textures, lengths, and colors. You can also find skilled workers to help install or style your new hair. Makola Market is always energetic. Watch fun-loving shoppers trying out 30-inch goddess locs or spot celebrities buying luxury wigs. It gets busiest in December when everyone prepares for the holidays. With so much variety and good prices, it’s clear why Makola Market is considered Ghana’s top spot for hair.

2. Kantamanto Market in Accra

Kantamanto Market started as a fabric and fashion location. Nowadays, it deserves credit for its amazing hair offerings too! Downstairs you’ll find small shops and independent stylists selling hair goods mixed with colorful fabrics. You can easily find supplies here to create any braided, twisted, or woven style you like. While it may seem messy and chaotic at first, Kantamanto Market is entertaining to explore. Just carefully check that hair is 100% human, as some sellers may mix in synthetic fibers. This market has the best selection of Ghanaian yarn braids in Accra – fun faux looks made with a bit of human hair and synthetic fibers. The reasonable costs make these trendy braided styles easy to wear daily.

3. Adabraka Market in Accra

Adabraka Market is where professional hair stylists buy items for their salons. The covered halls contain many trusted businesses selling hair supplies. Busy shoppers range from VIP clients to average office workers searching for good deals. In the afternoons, wholesalers offer special sales to reduce excess stock about to expire. That’s when smart shoppers can score discounted Brazilian hair bundles, Peruvian weaves, and blonde wigs. Adabraka Market has traders to supply any hair look imaginable. You’ll also find accessories, styling tools, edge control gels, and more. Skilled braiders even offer hair services in makeshift salons between the product stalls!

4. Tema Station Market

Near Ghana’s large harbor, Tema Station Market lets traders bring in hair products directly through shipping routes. This gives great access to quality imported hair at low prices. Listen to ocean waves while browsing the packed shelves. Abundant options include silky Brazilian straight weaves, Indian temple hair, and thick Mongolian curls. You can also find blonde and brunette wigs made with a Caucasian texture. Prices run a bit higher than average markets, but the hair quality makes it worthwhile. Vendors sell to individuals or supply other resellers around Ghana. Haggle for the best deals to get this salon-grade hair for less!

5. Osu Oxford Street in Accra

On the luxury end, Osu Oxford Street contains high-fashion salons and hair boutiques for Ghana’s elite. International brands mix with popular local shops stocking only top-notch hair. With ritzy surroundings, prices are higher but match the exceptional quality. Salons like Baacity Hair Lounge use extensive construction techniques to hand-make stunning custom wigs with virgin human hair. These perfectly fitted pieces start around 5,000 cedi but mimic natural hair flawlessly. Nearby shops display loose textured hair bundles, rainbow synthetic wigs, and hip salons fusing hair braiding with modern nail art. Osu Oxford Street offers an upscale hair experience worthy of celebrities!

6. Kejetia Market in Kumasi

As a main Kumasi trading post, massive Kejetia Market serves central Ghana with goods from across Africa. Mixed alongside crafts and fabrics, Kejetia’s clothing section contains rows of hair traders. Inspect quality synthetic and human hair wigs in classic styles, or view loose bulk hair for braiding in various textures and lengths. As one of West Africa’s largest markets, Kejetia offers competitive rates so customers can change up looks regularly. Kejetia also has specialists experienced in intricate Ghanaian hairstyles like cornrows, yarn braids, and vivid hair jewels. Come admire imaginative braided patterns celebrating African beauty, then visit small salons inside to get them installed immediately!

7. Aboagyewa Market in Tamale

Aboagyewa Market helps Northern Region communities access goods. While better known for fabrics and crafts, it sells many hairpieces suiting local women’s preferences too. Find synthetic wigs replicating popular social media hairstyles along with braided hair worked into traditional Northern African styles. Market stalls also display bright cowrie shell hair accessories to creatively embellish your new look. As hair trends come and go, Aboagyewa Market traders stay aware and quickly supply shifts like bold pink braids or extra-long Havana twists.

8. Kweiman Zongo Market in Nima

Kweiman Zongo Market specifically caters to hair needs and styling norms within Accra’s conservative Muslim community. Near the neighborhood mosque, its narrow aisles reveal modest full-coverage wigs, hijabs, and fancy turbans. Long black wigs let women experiment with volume and texture while respecting Islamic principles urging modesty. Shoppers also find underscarves, vivid headwraps, and hair jewels to conceal beauty. Costs run 50% below standard shops, despite the same quality. Venture to surrounding salons blending hair services with traditional henna and threading too.

9. Takoradi Market Circle

A diverse cultural melting pot, Takoradi Market Circle serves as the commercial hub for Ghana’s Western Region. Recognizing local women’s fashion-forward nature, hair stalls overflow with variety hoping to draw shoppers. Survey synthetic and human hair wigs, weaves, and braiding hair shipped from around the world and priced below salons. The competitive deals let you easily swap brief bobs for 30-inch goddess locs! Authenticity varies, so carefully check pieces before you buy. Skilled braiders stationed around the perimeter can install new looks instantly after purchase.

10. Agbadza Market in Ho

Surrounded by Volta Region farmland, Agbadza Market in Ho meets hair needs near the Togolese border. The central path features around twelve hair vendors with pre-made synthetic wigs, human weaves, and loose braiding hair. As a smaller capital, the market stays affordable for local incomes. Still, proximity to Togo brings modern influence – think short neon wigs or passion twist braids! Agbadza also has talented braiders on-site styling stunning Ghanaian box braids with cowrie shells or cornrows. This accessible market trade channels Ho’s cultural beauty through hair.

Tips for Tackling Ghana’s Fab Hair Markets Like a Pro!

Ready to launch your own hair hunting extravaganza? Arm yourself with these pro tips for navigating the markets like a total boss!

Master Mobile Money – Stall owners increasingly prefer cashless mobile money payments through networks like MTN and Airtel Money. Set up an account before hitting the markets to enable seamless purchasing!

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bags – Markets rarely provide shopping bags or packaging, so come equipped with your own containers, totes and protective wrapping to transport pieces.

Get There Early – Beat crowds and snag first dibs on fresh inventory by arriving shortly after opening hours. Savvy early birds catch coveted sales!

Don’t Be Shy – Markets thrive on lively interaction! Friendly banter with traders allows you to build relationships, negotiate prices and get the inside scoop on upcoming sales.

Research Reputable Sellers – Study vendor reviews and connect with salon owners to pinpoint traders consistently delivering high-quality hair worthy of your hard-earned cedis.

Set a Budget – Prices vary drastically across stall owners and products. Decide what you can spend before shopping to avoid overextending your funds for those lust-worthy 36-inch bundles!

Hanossa Hair Specialties & Market Availability

As an internationally renowned hair brand, Hanossa Hair offers supreme extensions, wigs and accessories with Vietnamese origin and quality tracing. Their product development centers in Ho Chi Minh City focus on innovative production methods for seriously sleek, natural-looking hair.

Specialized steam processing, double drawn harvest techniques, and meticulous de-tangling preserves cuticle integrity for long-lasting softness and sheen. Customers across Ghana praise Hanossa’s consistency, affordability and trend-focused style options.

Their exclusive collections like the Indian Temple Hair Series mimic the indulgent feel of rare, sacred locks in approachable bundles. For everyday beauty seekers and salon owners alike, Hanossa Hair delivers exceptional Vietnamese hair to suit diverse budgets and tastes.

While Hanossa Hair maintains a dedicated office and showroom in Accra, their products shine across all major markets. Top sellers like their line of pre-colored wigs and honey blonde clip-in bangs adorn the shelves of Makola, Kantamanto and Adabraka Markets.

In Tamale, Hanossa Hair’s heat-resistant synthetic braiding hair makes achieving Northern-inspired social media styles affordable and accessible. Down south in Takoradi and Agbadza Market, shoppers find dozens of Hanossa’s wig colors and textures beckoning vibrant experiments.

Osu Oxford Street boutiques prominently showcase Hanossa Hair’s limited edition holiday tresses for seasonal styling. And Tema Station traders can readily access Hanossa Hair’s cargo imports for prompt restocking. From Accra to Ho, Kumasi to Tamale, Hanossa Hair satisfies diverse consumer hair needs through accessible market integration.

Ghana Hair Market FAQs

How can I determine hair quality at the markets?

Vet quality closely through five checks – origin documentation, cuticle alignment, sheen factor, scent and feel. Hanossa Hair traders provide detailed production certificates to guarantee Vietnamese source hair meeting quality standards.

Does haggling really score discounts?

Friendly negotiation is customary! Start slightly below asking price, then meet in the middle for 10-30% off. Consider bulk purchases around holidays for bigger bargains. Haggle too forcefully however, and you may lose rapport and access to future deals.

Any tips for identifying synthetic hair blends?

Synthetic mixes like yarn braids feel too slick with telltale uniform sheen. Human hair has slight variations even in the same bundle. Hanossa Hair utilizes quality assurance labs and 3rd party testing to verify authentic composition.

Should I buy hair accessories onsite too?

Yes, markets house glam combs, jewelry and tools! But as with hair, examine quality first and favor sellers specializing in accessories alone for the best durability. Hanossa Hair traders recommend hair-specific retailers to complement your look.

What are the best payment options?

Cash reigns supreme across markets, though traders increasingly accept mobile money. Smaller sellers may reject cards due to bank charges. Bring cash for simplicity, but set up mobile money as a backup for big buys!

Parting Tips for Market Hair Brilliance!

Gorgeous locks await at Ghana’s amazing markets…when you shop smart! Sift through the maze of traders to pinpoint consistent quality and budget brilliance. Seek sellers specializing in extensions for in-depth guidance in matching solutions to your styling vision.

For showstopping hair game across styles, Hanossa Hair offers A-grade imports directly from their Vietnamese factories. Their unbeatable quality, affordability and specialty collections set you up for long-term slayage!

Stay savvy in the markets by preparing mobile payment options, researching reputable retailers and negotiating respectfully. Then launch your own fabulous hair quest across Accra, Kumasi and beyond!

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